Why the Beard?

When I first became a realtor in 2013, I met with some veteran agents to ask them for advice. They told me: “Go get a suit, go door-knocking, cold-calling and get some signs in the ground.” So I did.

 I realized two things then:

  1. I don’t like suits
  2. I’m not a door-to-door salesman

Combine both of these on a hot summer day in Lethbridge, and you get a terribly sweaty, uncomfortable interaction for everyone involved.

 Needless to say, the first few weeks of selling real estate were dreadful for me (not just because I was clean shaven, either!). I dreaded knocking on doors, and I dreaded making cold-calls because I didn’t feel like myself when I was talking to clients.


Those memories make me shudder and serve to remind me of why I’m trying to do things differently these days.

Door to door sales is dead

“Throw on a suit and start knocking on doors” is a thing of the past, especially when it comes to real estate. While I didn’t land many clients, I did learn something from those tough first weeks: be yourself. Yes, I can hear a Disney soundtrack piping up, but it’s true.

 So I ditched the suit, let the beard grow wild and gave clients the real me: a guy who is passionate about people and houses. And things really turned around for me after that.


The Bearded Realtor is born

After switching up my style, I was having a casual coffee with another agent when she hit me with a hard question: “So when are you going to shave that beard?” I promptly responded (without thinking, of course), “When are you going to shave… yours?”... oops.

 Awkwardness aside, her jab got me thinking about the whole persona of the professional real estate agent:

  1. Crisp business clothes at all times (I'm just a skinny jeans and plaid kinda guy!)
  2. Clean shaven because your face goes on EVERYTHING (which I’ve had a bit of fun with on my signs :))
  3. And of course, the attitude surrounding the ABC’s of Real Estate – Always Be Closing!


Trust the Beard

As you may have noticed, I’ve decided those rules are as outdated as door-knocking and cold-calling. Instead, I’m focussing less on other’s perception of me and just trying to do my job well – and with passion! After all, my job isn’t to sell myself but to help others buy and sell their homes.


Instead of following the ABC’s, my number one goal as a real estate agent is: To serve this great community.

 I accomplish this by:

  • offering the best service I can give
  • educating clients on current market trends
  • utilizing the best and most up to date technologies to make buying/selling more convenient and stress-free


Oh, and of course, to grow a sick beard!


Let me know what you think of the story of the beard! Follow me on @thebeardedrealtor.ca, or get in touch with me at James.rea@c21.ca. The beard and I are looking forward to meeting you!